Polish Cultural Institute at the AWP Book Fair

Here are some photos from our booth at the Associated Writing Programs book fair last week:


awp32 awp62


We displayed over 55 titles of Polish literature in English translation, all published in the last 10 years, from over 23 publishers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. About 20 titles from a small handful of Polish publishers (Czarne, Ha!art, and W.A.B.) were also on hand. Unfortunately we weren’t selling anything, but we did have a stack of New Books from Poland catalogues from the Polish Book Institute to give away, along with bookmarks, Zbigniew Herbert commemorative chapbooks, and magnets! These pictures were taken, I think on Friday, right after the fair opened at 8:30 A.M., so they don’t give any sense of the throngs of Associated Writers that coursed past at other times of the day. It’s hard to say what kind of effect such a booth can or ought to have, much less quantify it, but I think the banner with our logo and the unusual props (an old bookcase, table, and flowers as a vaguely rustic antidote to the corporate countenance of most of the fair…) were well regarded. Thanks to Karen Underhill and Jennifer Croft for their help!

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