The Book Institute also has a nice write-up on their website by Jagiellonian University professor Jerzy Jarzębski about Paweł Huelle’s newest book, a collection of short stories titled COLD SEA TALES (Opowieści chłodnego morza). I think Antonia Lloyd-Jones, who recently translated Huelle’s THE LAST SUPPER for Serpent’s Tail, has translated some of these already. I like Huelle the short story writer (of MOVING HOUSE AND OTHER STORIES) almost better than Huelle the novelist (with the exception of MERCEDES BENZ, CASTORP, and DAVID WEISER, of course), so this new collection, just published by Znak, promises to be a real delight. Hopefully we’ll see it in English soon.


One response to “Huelle’s COLD SEA TALES

  1. I’m pleased to say it’s published on Sept 20th by Comma Press ( Pawel’s coming to the UK in Oct for a series of launch events in London, Manchester, Ilkley and Liverpool.

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