2nd World Congress of Translators of Polish Literature to take place in June

Here’s some great news from the Book Institute (from their website):

Four years have passed since the First World Congress of Translators of Polish Literature. With that extraordinarily successful gathering in mind, the Book Institute has decided to organize a Second Congress this year, which will take place June 4-6 in Krakow. The event is sponsored by Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

One hundred seventy four individuals from fifty countries took part in the First World Congress of Translators of Polish Literature, which happened in Krakow in May 2005. Participants ranged from translators with decades of experience in the field and considerable accomplishments—Henryk Bereska, Anders Bodegård, Bill Johnston, Zofia Bobowicz, Esther Kinsky, and Karol Lesman—to others who are just getting their feet wet.

This year’s Congress will provide its participants with opportunities to get to know the most recent Polish literature, to meet with authors, literary critics, and publishers, and to talk with translators from other countries. As with the previous Congress, a program of panel discussions and workshops devoted to the work of Polish authors and newly published books is expected.

The Congress will also feature the award ceremony for the fifth Transatlantyk Prize, which is awarded annually to an outstanding promoter of Polish literature abroad. Previous recipients of the Transatlantyk Prize are: Henryk Bereska (2005), Anders Bodegård (2006), Albrecht Lempp (2007), and Ksenia Starosielska (2008).

[Update] By the way, nominations for the Transatlantyk Prize are still being taken until March 31. More information here.

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