Silesius Award winners

Ah, there was more to that Silesius Award than I let on in the previous post. Not only was Stanisław Barańczak honored for his entire oeuvre (the award that went to Tadeusz Różewicz last year, when the Silesius was established), but Krystyna Miłobędzka was given the prize for best poetry volume of the year (Gubione [Lost]) and Dariusz Basiński got the prize for best first book of poetry (Motor kupił Duszan [Duszan’s Bought a Motorbike]).

As an award, the Silesius is pretty serious business. The entire oeuvre award comes with a prize of 100,000 zloties (roughly $30,000 at today’s exchange rate), the winner of the best poetry volume award receives 50,000 (~$15,000), and the winner for the best first book gets 20,000 zloties (~$6,000).

The jury for the award this year was headed by Prof. Jacek Łukasiewicz, and included Prof. Przemysław Czapliński, Grzegorz Jankowicz, Dr. Adam Poprawa, Prof. Tadeusz Sławek, Justyna Sobolewska, and Prof. Marian Stala.

Last year, in addition to Różewicz, the award for best book went to Andrzej Sosnowski. The best first book award is evidently a new category introduced this year.

Correction (9 May 2009): MLB comments that “Silesius First Book Award was awarded last year, to Julia Szychowiak for Po sobie (After Self).”


One response to “Silesius Award winners

  1. Silesius First Book Award was awarded last year, to Julia Szychowiak for “Po sobie” (“After Self”)

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