Julia Hartwig #7 on IndieBound’s Spring poetry list

I just downloaded IndieBound’s new iphone application—which looks like it will actually be useful (as opposed to 98% of iphone applications)—and I was pleased to see that Julia Hartwig’s book In Praise of the Unfinished (translated by John and Bogdana Carpenter, Knopf 2008), is listed at #7 on IndieBound’s Spring 2009 Poetry list. The list is compiled based on recommendations from booksellers around the country. Here’s what Shawn Wathen from the Chapter One Bookstore in Hamilton, Montana has to say about Hartwig:

In her only collection currently available in English, Julia Hartwig’s In Praise of the Unfinished is a profound meditation on life at boundaries of History and Time. In exquisite distillations of experience and perception, Hartwig—one of the brilliant poetic masters from Poland—explores philosophical and emotional depths without losing herself or her readers in obscurantism or trite turns of phrase. A poet of the universal rather than the narrow, we should be grateful for her words.

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